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01ByTheRiver 02MagicView 03Sheep 04TreeAndPathway 05Dawn
05frozenlake1 05WhiteWater 05Yellow Sunset-1 06TreeCore 08ShadowOfLeaves
11Down the River 12Winter 14TheCastle 50X60 Tree and Stream - 14 79X100 Bed of Flowers - 16
80.5X100 Going There 90X70  Avenue - 10 90X120 - Girl in the Woods- 10 90X120  Rough Sea - 7 90X130 17  Red Blossom
104X89 Tree in the Wind - 11 110X80  Dan Creeck  9 150X71 Alley Blossom - 18 1002OntheBench 1003NoName
1004NoName 1007MotherandSon 1008NoName 1009WaterMill 1010Avrech