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"Out of the Picture" - Dialogue between sculpture and painting

3/2/2015 to 3/3/2015
Ramat Aviv mall
Curator - Ayelet Amorai Biran



Dorit presents her work in the field of painting and sculpture. Her art is full of beauty and harmony that provides the human need to achieve peace of mind in the turbulent contemporary life.

 The landscapes are taken from various places she had visited numerous times while traveling around the world. Dorit's paintings brings her unique personal observations. The paintings are characterized by brilliant colors and quick brushstrokes.

Alongside, Dorit presents  an old family album, characters and events from the past. In her own special way she "takes out" a character from the bi-dimensional scene, sculpt it, she adds a third dimension and transfers it to new space and time.

The artwork is presented in sixteen windows on the outside wall of the mall in Ramat Aviv. The exhibition will last a month, until 3 March 2015. Admission is free.





Preparations for the exhibition



Pictures from the exhibition




Out of the picture - a dialogue between sculpture and picture

Some of the works in the exhibition:


In the newspapers

Published in the newspaper "Yediot Ahronot" on 17 February 2015.


Visitors at the exhibition